International Association of Schools of Social Work is an international association of institutions of social work education, organizations supporting social work education and social work educators. IASSW adheres to all United Nations Declarations and Conventions on human rights. Abye Tasse, Associate Vice President at Addis Ababa University, is also the President of IASSW.

The International Consortium for Social Development (ICSD) is an organization of practitioners, scholars and students in the human services. ICSD serves as a clearinghouse for information on international social development. ICSD publishes Social Development Issues.

The Association for Community Organization and Social Administration (ACOSA) is a membership organization for community organizers, activists, nonprofit administrators, community builders, policy practitioners, students and educators. Members come from the USA, Canada, Israel, Germany, Malaysia, India, Japan, and countries throughout the world. ACOSA sponsors the Journal of Community Practice, an interdisciplinary journal grounded in social work.

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