In Ethiopia

Addis Ababa University, is the oldest institution of higher education in Ethiopia. AAU's mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge relevant to solving basic problems of development through teaching, research, scholarship, and services to the community. Through collaboration with SWEEP, AAU started the first-ever MSW degree in social work in Ethiopia in 2004, and a doctoral program in Social Work & Social Development in 2006.

Bahir Dar University has more then 20 thousand students and more then 400 lecturers. The university was inaugurated in May 2001when Bahir Dar Teachers College and Bahir Dar Polytechnic Institute joined together to become the Education and Engineering Faculties of the new university.

Christian Relief and Development Association (CRDA) is an umbrella organization of more than 200 indigenous and international NGOs and faith-based agencies operating in Ethiopia. CRDA is a non-partisan organization that provides technical support, training, information, and capacity building support to NGOs. CRDA has played a major role in the field placement of social work graduate students.

The Ethiopian Society of Sociologists, Social Workers, and Anthropologists (ESSSWA) promotes professional competence and ethics through the professions of sociology, social work and anthropology.

The Ethiopian Employers Federation (EEF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to resolving peacefully and amicably problems related to labor relations and other social issues involved in the conduct of business. Its objectives include accelerating the country's socio-economic development, striving to promote social progress by creating new jobs, increasing productivity, optimizing resource utilization and fostering industrial peace. EEF is actively involved in the CWLC and Ethiopian Workforce Entrepreneurship and Training Program. For additional information, contact EEF at eef@telecom.net.et.

The Awassa Children's Project promotes the nutrition, health, education and self-sufficiency of homeless, orphaned and impoverished youth and teens. The Awassa Childrens Project of Chicago specifically raises money to support the AIDS Education Circus as well other arts projects to support the Awassa Children's Project Center. For the latest news of the Circus, go to their blog.

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