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Ethiopia by E-mail

Subject: Hi everyone
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 18:44:47 -0400
From: Pat Rollin parollin9923@hotmail.com

We are still busy with doctor and dentist appointments for us and our mothers. Jim's mom has had surgery on her hand and was having a problem with her leg swelling and her knee hurting but a trip to the doctor has helped these problems. My mom is doing well and our son is at home having his truck fixed so he is with his grandma. We had a good time at the family reunion meeting with people we have not seen for more two years. All Jim's aunts and uncles attended. Jim was later then we planned because of the new security at the airports but we made it on time.

We are still in Saginaw and making trips up to see our moms. Jim has made a trip to Phoenix as he will be going back to Addis in October with IFESH. The person who was to take over could not come and after a little discussion with all the deans, IFESH and me it was decide Jim would go back for one more year. They are in the process of hiring two professors for a two year period so he will train them as to what he has been doing and they will take over next year when we get ready to leave. They are going to get a car assigned to the School so he can do his field work. He will come home to the USA to job hunt next year in February or March and I will return with him to Addis after he comes to the USA. I have a few commitments to take care of before I go back to Addis. I will be staying in Saginaw until after he decides when he is coming home. I have some family commitments to take care of first.

I have seen the doctor and dentist and not too many problems except that my cholesterol is all messed up so they want me on fish oil pills and a diet with exercise. Of course the diet sheet said things to be avoided and that was what we were eating in Addis so I am not surprised that there is a problem. So I have started walking, Jim has fixed the bikes and we have ridden some and then I have started the diet and fish oil. So until I go back to Addis that is the way it will be. In Addis I will not promise to eat anything right.

We just wanted to let everyone know we are doing well and to say hi.

Love Pat & Jim


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