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Ethiopia by E-mail

Subject: Hi from Addis
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 13:43:49 -0400
From: Pat Rollin parollin9923@hotmail.com

We have gotten water back as of Tuesday afternoon, so we were only without for 10 days. But Wednesday the water went out for a few hours and the people upstairs left the water on and took a nap so when Jim got home the kitchen was dripping. The water came down between the pipe and the cement. So he went upstairs and no one answered the door so he thought they were gone but the water started coming out the door and down the stairs and the guards saw and heard it so they went up and they got the people to answer the door. They were taking a nap and as soon as they shut off the water the dripping stopped in our kitchen.

Shannon called and told us that Jim's mom Betty is going to have to have surgery for a disc in her back that has been causing her a lot of pain the last month. So she is in St. Mary's Hospital in Saginaw. So Shannon has been visiting when she goes to work. The surgery is today. Shannon has emailed and will let us know when the surgery is over.

We are writing this as there have been some bombings in Addis. We have been told not to take Line Taxis or buses and to stay out of crowds. So we are not going too far from home. We are supposed to go to a wedding tomorrow so we have made arrangements with Thomas our cabbie to come get us and take us and pick us up and take us to the reception. Ato Mamo will have Jim picked up for class on Monday. We are doing well and will be careful. The internet is not working too well so we are just going to send this short note right now and the first of the week we will send messages about attending the wedding and our weekend. Please keep Ethiopia in your prayers. This they think is still to do with the political elections from last May or may have something to do with the Oromo Liberation Front or the Ogadan National Liberation Front, 2 areas where there is a separatist movement. We are not sure why this is happening but we are taking extra care as to where we go and what we are doing.



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