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Ethiopia by E-mail

Subject: Hi everyone
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 12:27:00 -0500
From: Pat Rollin parollin9923@hotmail.com

We have had an interesting week. On Sunday we went to church and talked to Rebecca about coming to see her NGO, the Trampled Rose, which takes women and girls from the Fistula hospital who need a place to stay before and after surgery. They had 4 people, a house mother and an office manager on Thursday but were expecting 4 more people on Friday. I took some of the clothes Shannon and I brought last year to wear in Ethiopia. I have not worn them much and so I had 5 dresses with long sleeve blouses and I had a couple of shawls and a blanket that I had crocheted so I took them all to them. I think I will be making a few more things for this NGO. So I will get to go and pick some more yarn out to make new things. I guess I have found someplace where they can use a little present and know that someone is thinking about them. Most of the women that come are outcast from their villages because of their medical problems. If they cannot be cured completely they will not go home. The women were very happy to see us but a little surprised that we would hug or touch them.

We did not do much for Valentine's Day but go out to eat. Then on Thursday we went out to an Ethiopian traditional restaurant near Nathan's to eat and found out they have a 3 piece group, a couple of singers and dancers who have a show every night at 7:30 so we got to watch the show. The restaurant is called The Shepherd. My birthday was a quiet affair no celebration. I was supposed to celebrate last night with Nathan, Moges, Yonas, Mark & Donna who all have February birthdays but I have had a sinus problem the last couple of days so I stayed home. I am feeling better today but probably will still just take it easy for a couple of more days. Jim did go to the party and enjoyed himself. Besides the 5 people celebrating their birthdays in February, they were also welcoming Mel and Donna who had just arrived in Addis. Mel will be staying with Nathan for the next 6 months. And Donna was passing thru on her way to South Africa for a week. Since it has been my birthday this month, I have been watching for mail. Jim came home on Thursday with 3 pieces of mail. One was mailed on Dec. 20th and was a Christmas card, one mailed Jan. 30th and was a birthday card and the other was mailed Feb. 8th and was a thank you card from Jim's niece who was married just before Christmas. I was happy to get all my mail but was surprised at how long it took some of it to travel here. I will be writing to the person who sent the Christmas card soon, she does not have email.

Jim's work at the Police College is going well. He talked to Ato Mamo last night and Ato Mamo told him that his son Yonas saw him in the police car going towards Sandefa and went home and told his mother. They had called Ato Mamo all upset because they thought Jim had been arrested. So after a little joking with them Ato Mamo told him that Jim is driven out there two times a week to teach a class. Jim really seems to like the class and the students are happy because it was a required class that they could not find an instructor to teach here. So it was a class they need to graduate and had no one to teach so they could complete their studies. He will be teaching there until the middle of April. Otherwise his classes are going well and all the students are getting in whatever papers they still have due and the 2nd year students are all coming to him with questions on their Thesis. So he is busy in the office 3 days a week with phone calls every day at home.

On Monday the Orthodox Church starts its 55 day fast for Easter. So everyone we talk to is having their last big meal. We are in the Mardi Gras time in Ethiopia. This is the last weekend for weddings until after the fast. So we will have a lot of horns honking and processions of cars on the roads this weekend.

Jim & Pat


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