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PhD Program: 2006 Student Cohort


(From left to right: Tenagne Alemu, Serkalem Bekele, Ashenafi Hagos, Zena Berhanu, Moges Tafesse, Emebet Mulugeta, Wassie Kebede, Hailemichael Tesfahun)

PhD Student Biographical Information

Tenagne Alemu
Tenagne Alemu, MSW and PhD Candidate, has worked for more than 10 years in international and local NGOs. Currently he is working as lecturer in Addis Ababa University and is also coordinates the Field Placement unit at the Graduate School of Social Work. He has conducted the first research in the practice of inter-country adoption in Ethiopia. He has also conducted research on the contribution of Community Saving Self Help group in empowering women living with HIV/AIDS. His previous work includes Prevention of HIV/AIDS, protection of child rights, street children, care and support for AIDS patients, and community development. He has served as an editor of the Horn of Africa Journal of AIDS, and as a technical advisor for local NGOs on voluntarily basis.

Zena Berhanu
Zena Berhanu, MSW and PhD Candidate, completed his Masters in Social Work in 2006 at Addis Ababa University. The title of his thesis is Care and Support and People Living With HIV and AIDS at Holy Water: An assessment at Four Selected Sites in Addis Ababa. His recent research includes Experience with Antiretroviral Drugs and Faith-healing Practices among People Living With HIV/AIDS in Addis Ababa: A Survey of a Local Association at Entoto. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses. His teaching interest is in social policy. Before joining the academia, he has served in the social sector in government for 2 years. Zena has also served for 4 years as Deputy Secretary General in a religious youth association working for a spiritual and social gospel mission in the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Zena is developing a dissertation proposal on Anti-Retroviral Treatment policy in Ethiopia.

Wassie Kebede
Wassie Kebede, MSW and PhD candidate is focusing on social network analysis in his research. He has 11 years of community work in local and international NGOs and 2 years of teaching experience. His research includes Asset Based Community Development: Assessing Women's Skill in Slum Households in Ethiopia, roles of social networks in the enhancement of social and economic lives of the disadvantaged female householders and the link between social networks and HIV status of poor women. His dissertation is focusing on social networks as predicators of sexual practices among adolescent groups: a study of high school adolescents. He also submits another research proposal for funding with the title HIV as a risk factor to women's social capital: social networks of female college students. Currently he is teaching integrated social work methods for masters' students. He is also member of the Ethical Review Committee.

HaileMichael Tesfahun
HaileMichael Tesfahun, MSW, is a public health and social work professional. He is a lecturer at AAU Graduate School of Social Work and a PhD Candidate in Social work and Social Development. He has a broad experience on spearheading social development, mental health, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health/sexuality, malaria and public health care management and communications. His research includes pregnancy and HIV, youth risky sexual behaviors, and HIV/AIDS. His overall interests include gender and health care programs for quality adolescent/youth development. HaileMichael's experience includes working in multicultural settings and with governmental and international non-governmental organizations.

Serkalem Bekele
Serkalem Bekele, MSW, is a Lecturer, Assistant Dean, PhD candidate and certified mediator. Her educational background is in Veterinary Science, Sociology and Social Administration. She has been engaged in research related to families and children, including a comparative survey of divorce and related problems in Ethiopia. Her dissertation is a Multilevel Analysis of Risk and Protective factors of Children in Conflict with the Law in Addis Ababa. With Prof. Donna Petras (UIC, Chicago) and other collaborating organizations, she is introducing social services, including family mediation, child custody assessment, visitation right and other crisis management, at Federal First Instance Family Court. Serkalem is member of a task force including legislators, Supreme Court and other practitioners in developing child support guideline in Ethiopia. She is working in establishing Guidance and Counseling Center for students at Addis Ababa University.

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